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On the Edge Part 2: When Things Don’t Go as Planned

Recap: I in my blog On the Edge Part 1, I shared my favorite scene from the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”, is where George Bailey (played by Jimmy Stewart) & Mary Hatch – later Bailey (played by Donna Reed) … Continue reading

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2013 – Don’t Let the Door Hit You…

2013 has turned out to be another year full of trials, tribulations and tragedy for me as a family caregiver. The year started out with my Aunt’s diagnosis of bladder cancer which lead over the course of this year to … Continue reading

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Don’t be a dream killer

I watched the movie Secretariat and I was going to immediately write a post about it and then was side-tracked. Lately, things seem to run together in my life with so much going on – sometimes it seems like one big BLUR. … Continue reading

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So my neighbor was hit by a car: A lesson in perseverance

Not long ago while I was enjoying an awesome Cup o’ Joe outside on my back patio, I saw one of my older neighbors on his walker with his tiny dog tied up to the walker – this is how … Continue reading

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Caregiving and dealing with tragedy

For some reason I am reminded of my Grandfather, who actually was no relation to me other than through marriage. Yet even still, was my Grandfather. He was a simple man who was accepting, loving, kind and generous. He always … Continue reading

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