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Well Meaning Friends May Cause Stress

The biggest cause of stress for people who care for an aging loved one or a loved one with an illness or disability may not be worrying about the affected family member. Rather, surprising new research from Northwestern Medicine shows … Continue reading

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Creative Communication

A friend of mine shared his communication challenges with his wife who has undergone several surgeries, rounds of chemo and radiation for brain tumors.  Since the treatments she has been suffering from aphasia, causing her trouble finding words, as well … Continue reading

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Don’t Roll the Dice with Your Health

I recently met a woman named Madeline in a rehab facility while visiting a family member.  She was there recovering from a stroke and was looking forward to getting back home.  I acknowledged how well she was doing considering the … Continue reading

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Did Senator Mark Kirk have Warning Signs of a Stroke

The sad news of Senator Mark Kirk’s stroke at age 52 brings to light the reality that age does not play a factor when it comes to this affliction.  Every year, stroke strikes approximately 795,000 Americans – killing 144,000 and … Continue reading

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Nate Dogg passes; Death from stroke complications – Are you at risk?

According to the Associated Press, hip-hop star Nate Dogg (real name Nathaniel Hale), who worked with Snoop Dogg, Warren G and Eminem, has died at the age of 41. He died on March 15, 2011 in Long Beach California. Lawyer … Continue reading

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Singing helps stroke victims to talk again

When I was fifteen I remember babysitting for a Neurosurgeon and his wife down the street from my house and how somehow it wound up that my boyfriend at the time became friends with this guy. He was the best … Continue reading

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