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Pro-Active vs. Re-Active Caregiving

What does pro-active caregiving look like and what steps can we take to help those that we love make decisions about their future care?  Watch this video for some simple tips…

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The rantings of a crazed caregiver “I’m not gonna take it anymore”

I’ve been writing and sharing a lot lately about being “proactive” as opposed to “reactive” in regard to caregiving. The difference is incredible! Today, I share a personal story from my friend and business partner, Sue Salach. “We’re not gonna … Continue reading

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Are you experiencing a meltdown?

Caregiver burnout can be devastating. Day after day caring for someone else, especially if they require so much assistance, can be depleting your health and well-being. Caregivers can begin to feel more like a victim than a helper. Additionally, caregivers … Continue reading

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The payoffs of intentional caregiving (Part Three)

This is Part Three in a series of guest blog appearances that will continue through the Mondays in March. The subject is Intentional vs Unintentional Caregiving and the costs and dynamics associated with both. I am so honored to have … Continue reading

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