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Hang onto your Joy

I was listening to a Joel Osteen message about Joy and how nothing can take our joy from us.  This means that no issues with a spouse, illness, loss of job or abilities or challenges associated with caring for an … Continue reading

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Top Health Threat to Seniors: Depression

Depression is NOT an inevitable part of aging. Changes that accompany later life—retirement, the death of loved ones, increased isolation, medical problems—can sometimes lead to depression. Depression prevents elderly loved ones from enjoying life. Aside from mood, depression impacts energy, … Continue reading

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Boobs and Bowel Movements

My sister shared with me that when she called our Aunt to wish her a “Happy Birthday” her reply was “I had a bowel movement today”, to which I commented “well then that was a happy birthday for her wasn’t … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Jump to it – How Certain Exercises Help Prevent Falls in the Elderly

By Sarah Jennings When it comes to ailments that afflict our golden generation, accidental falls rank right up there with heart attacks and strokes in terms of both frequency and severity.  Falls amongst the elderly are a significant public health … Continue reading

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