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Stop acting like you’re still in High School

I’m not one to watch Jerry Springer, but I remember watching a few episodes over the years. I especially remember the episodes where these people (mostly women) who were made fun of in high school, for one thing or another, … Continue reading

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You can’t be Lady Gaga forever

We’ve all heard and seen the Madonna of the millennium Lady Gaga, but who is she really? Born and raised in New York City to a wealthy couple named Joseph and Cynthia Germanotta, the young Stefani was a well-adjusted kid, despite her … Continue reading

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You don’t like getting old? What’s your alternative

We all say we don’t like getting old and I get that. But what’s the alternative? Uh….that would be “dead.” We go through life hoping all is going to stay the same in our perfect little world but reality is, … Continue reading

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