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Reconciliation and Your Well-Being

Growing up my family was very close. In typical Italian style, every Sunday was spent at my grandparent’s home in Chicago where random aunts, uncles and cousins (most of which lived on the same block) gathered for an amazing feast. … Continue reading

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Eternally 12 Syndrome

My friend Colleen and I are both national speakers on issues related to caregiving and aging. While in Washington D.C. to speak at the Aging In America conference we shared a similar challenge in our family dynamics. Though both of … Continue reading

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This Job Sucks (and other Important Caregiving Information)

While making visiting with a friend who just lost his sister, he shared how difficult it was for him especially as she had chosen him (above her parents, children and other siblings) to be her Power of Attorney (POA). His … Continue reading

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Turkey Talk Wednesday with Sue Salach

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Forgiving our parents: It’s crucial to our well-being (Part 1)

I wanted to re-share this great 2-part post written by Susan Avello. Most parents love their children desperately. There is not much that a mother or father is not willing to do in an effort to love, nurture and protect … Continue reading

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We’re All Geniuses in Hind-Site

It’s amazing how insightful we are about situations faced in the past. Why? Because once  the chaos has subsided and the situation is over, we can analyze it from a new perspective. However; when in the midst of challenges in … Continue reading

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Unrealistic Expectations

Each time I travel to Florida I have set the expectation of laying in the tropical sun and returning with a tan that would make the Bain de Sole tan woman jealous. However; the last few trips have been met … Continue reading

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