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Your Presence is Requested

A conversation with my niece prompted me to re-post this blog. A few years ago my husband, Paul, and I were ecstatic to be able to attend a preseason Chicago Bears game.  The sweltering heat could not deter us from arriving … Continue reading

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Living In Your Own Private Idaho

Every day I experience people living in their own Private Idaho, however; twice in the last week the experience caused me to stop and stare. The first incident occurred in a quiet hospital waiting area – a woman was watching … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Seniors and Scams: What They Don’t Know Can Hurt Them

You probably never thought you’d see grandma surfing the net or your grandpa on Facebook, but seniors are heading to the internet in record numbers. According to the Pew Institute, as of April 2012, more than half of adults over … Continue reading

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CaregiverLife Radio – Social Media and Caregiving

Click here to join me tomorrow from 10-11am(CST) for CaregiverLife Radio Topic: Social Media and Caregiving Guest: Susan Avello Susan is passionate about helping businesses discover the power of their online presence and BRANDING. With a knowledge and understanding of making … Continue reading

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Bon Jovi “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey”

“Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey” was written on the piece of paper held by Bon Jovi on December 19th after rumors of his untimely death, which began on Twitter, quickly flooded the social media outlets.  I first the … Continue reading

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Social Media and Caregiving Communication

Caregiver communication to update family members on outcomes of a doctor’s appointment, test result or just the day to day tasks and challenges related to family caregiving can be daunting. Social media sites can assist caregivers to share updates about … Continue reading

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