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In Loving Memory of Tillie Cutler

July 9th my mother-in-law passed away. She was an amazing woman whom I admired tremendously.  Though she had humble beginnings and she and her husband often struggled to make ends meet during their family rearing years, all of her children … Continue reading

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Lessons from Morrie: Learning to appreciate the little things

Great blog post by Susan Avello.  Thought I would re-share. A moving tale of an old man’s last months of life and the old student who returns for his last lesson. Tuesdays with Morrie is the story of “an old … Continue reading

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Fear vs. Fact

When a loved one gets a life altering diagnosis it can be scary.  Distressing questions rush through one’s mind such as: will they survive, what are the options, do we need a second opinion, what will their be like now … Continue reading

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Now What?

I had the privilege of caring for my Aunt in the final years of her life.  My duties included: coordinating doctor appointments, rehab and home care, managing her medications, as well as personally assisting with some of her physical care.  … Continue reading

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God Called Back

The last week of my aunt’s life she was in the hospital on isolation.  My mom, who had surgery the prior week, was not able to visit due to the risk of infection at her surgical site.  I recommended to … Continue reading

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The Call

I remember it vividly, it was 11:30pm on March 6, 2005, my husband and I were on our way back from an evening with friends when my cell phone rang.  Recognizing the number, my heart raced as I answered the … Continue reading

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CaregiverLife Radio – Music Therapy

Join me today from 10-11am (CST) for CaregiverLife Radio My guest: MARY ELLEN HEELAN Mary Ellen Heelan, a native of Downers Grove,Illinois has had an eclectic career, starting out as a Social Studies teacher in Oklahoma and Virginia; then moving into … Continue reading

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