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Let Go of the Guilt

What is Guilt? Unwarranted response to an imagined offense Unless you actually killed someone (which I’m assuming 99.9% of my readers have not) then you are imposing this idea of having “wronged” someone else.  Caregivers feel guilty for many reasons, … Continue reading

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Mistakes Will Be Made

When caring for someone we love, we want to make all the right moves, research all the options and make all the right decisions. Unfortunately we are human and, as humans, it is inevitable that we will make mistakes. Even … Continue reading

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Helpful Tips for Medication Management

The Thanksgiving episode of the CBS drama Blue Bloods, involved the grandfather having a heart attack the day before Thanksgiving.  Though he lives with his widowed son, the New York Police Chief played by Tom Selek, when the family arrives … Continue reading

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Helping seniors stay in their homes longer

Seniors who want to remain in their homes despite illness and infirmity can get a high-tech assist these days. So can their children who might worry about an elderly parent living alone, often far from family members. The 1980s-era medical … Continue reading

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