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CaregiverLife Radio – What You Need to Know About Elder Law

Click here to join me tomorrow morning for CaregiverLife Radio from 10-11am (CST) Topic : Elder Law Guest: Rick Law from Law Elder Law About Rick: “World class” is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “being of the highest caliber in the … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know about Paying for Mom’s Care

I recently read an article about little known laws that could be a colossal issue for family caregivers.  These statutes are known as filial responsibility laws and are on the books in many states holding adult children, at least on … Continue reading

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Help! My sister has kidnapped my elderly parent

In my line of work helping caregivers who are caring for an elderly loved one, I hear all kinds of tragic stories against the elderly that mirror this one in Birmingham, AL. From those whose parents who have dementia and have … Continue reading

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Disgruntled grandchildren and Trouble – the millionaire pooch

A millionaire heiress died at age 12 in December, and we’re just now finding out about it? To me, this seems like a missed opportunity for a reality show. I’m talking of course about Trouble Helmsley, the dog known as … Continue reading

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