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A Fundamental Rule of Caregiving (that No one can seem to Follow)

An essential imperative of caregiving is: Take care of yourself.  However; the majority of family caregivers are so busy taking care of others that they neglect to care for themselves.  The sad irony is that if caregivers made it a … Continue reading

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Top Health Threat to Seniors: Depression

Depression is NOT an inevitable part of aging. Changes that accompany later life—retirement, the death of loved ones, increased isolation, medical problems—can sometimes lead to depression. Depression prevents elderly loved ones from enjoying life. Aside from mood, depression impacts energy, … Continue reading

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Storms of Life

Depression in the elderly is real, however; medication may not always be the right answer. Become educated on treatment and be an advocate for those you love. To purchase copies of books written by Sue Salach visit AlongComesGrandpa.com

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Mental Me – Mental You

Here are some helpful Mental Health tips from my book Along Comes Grandpa  Have a signed Health Care Power of Attorney (POA) form. (Always have a copy accessible to you (home, car, purse, family member’s refrigerator). Even if you have … Continue reading

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I Had a Bad Day

Yesterday I had a bad day. Getting out of bed was challenging. I felt gloomy, dejected and disheartened.  I re-scheduled my appointments and spent ½ the day in my pajamas mindlessly playing games on the computer.  Then I did something … Continue reading

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