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Caring for a Parent with Dementia – Caregiving Challenges

Dementia and Caregiving challenges Sleep problems and caregiver exhaustion are two of the most common reasons persons with dementia are placed in nursing homes. Causes of sleeplessness in dementia patients include pain, lack of exercise and activities, anxiety, agitation, or … Continue reading

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Caring for a Parent with Dementia

When a diagnosis of dementia is made, the physician is pivotal in providing the knowledge and resources that are needed to care for the patient. Because family members provide the majority of care for persons with dementia, they are an essential … Continue reading

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10 ways to Maintain Your Brain© from The National Alzheimer’s Association

Head first: Good health starts with your brain. It’s one of the most vital body organs, and it needs care and maintenance. Take brain health to heart: Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke can increase your risk of … Continue reading

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Dinner with Dory

Recently an acquaintance shared the story of going to dinner with some long-time friends and their elderly mother.  She said “It was like having dinner with Dory from Finding Nemo”.  The mother, you see, has some very prevalent memory issues.  Throughout … Continue reading

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Top Health Threat to Seniors: Depression

Depression is NOT an inevitable part of aging. Changes that accompany later life—retirement, the death of loved ones, increased isolation, medical problems—can sometimes lead to depression. Depression prevents elderly loved ones from enjoying life. Aside from mood, depression impacts energy, … Continue reading

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Coping with Loss – Twice

Having worked in geriatric health care for over 20 years and having facilitated hundreds of caregiver support groups, I have become aware of a somewhat universal phenomenon associated with Alzheimer’s caregivers which I have termed the “double death”.  (I tried … Continue reading

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Guest Post – Lessons from a Caregiver

Often, we hear that the role of caretaker to the elderly is a stressful one, particularly in situations where one family member is asked to care for another. In cases where Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia are present, this … Continue reading

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