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Caring for a Parent with Dementia – Caregiving Challenges

Dementia and Caregiving challenges Sleep problems and caregiver exhaustion are two of the most common reasons persons with dementia are placed in nursing homes. Causes of sleeplessness in dementia patients include pain, lack of exercise and activities, anxiety, agitation, or … Continue reading

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Living with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I’m sure that at some point in life we’ve all dealt with these kinds of personalities, On one hand this person seems nice, friendly and a great person to hang with. Then the very next minute they turn into Dr. … Continue reading

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Is your parent a constant complainer?

So you’ve taken your mom to the doctor and she’s upset with you because the doctor’s office was cold. You’ve helped your dad with the yard and he’s annoyed that you didn’t mow the grass in the right pattern. Why do … Continue reading

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This Just In: Physician consultations by video conferencing

Within the past 6 months or so I connected with Dick Mueller of HealthNation on Linked In. Dick told me about his company and “Telemedicine” which means consultation with a doctor by phone, secure email or video. I was so intrigued by this … Continue reading

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You think the eye exam is tough for YOU; what about if you had Alzheimer’s

I recently treated myself to an eye exam (since I was turning 46) and was tired of carrying my readers everywhere I went and I refused to get the “old lady” chain around my neck (I didn’t realize I was … Continue reading

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