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The Grief Journey

Many people I’ve spoken with about grief think that there is a “time of mourning”. This would suggest a beginning as well as an end. I believe that grief is a journey that has no end date, it simply changes … Continue reading

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Grief, Loss and the Holidays

The Hallmark movies always conclude with some type of Christmas miracle and joy for the characters in the story, however; in real life many people are experiencing unimaginable grief and loss during this holiday season. The journey of grief seems … Continue reading

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This Job Sucks (and other Important Caregiving Information)

While making visiting with a friend who just lost his sister, he shared how difficult it was for him especially as she had chosen him (above her parents, children and other siblings) to be her Power of Attorney (POA). His … Continue reading

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CaregiverLife Radio – Coping with Loss, The Grief Journey

Grief is something we will all experience at some point in our life.  Whether the loss of a job, home, relationship or the death of a loved one, grief is part of the human experience. Please join me today at … Continue reading

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Caregiving may be our current role but it shouldn’t become our identity

I’ve been back in Alabama now for two days. It’s great to sit and reminisce going over old family photos, videos and just sitting and talking with mom and dad. I’ve been thinking a lot about my oldest sister who … Continue reading

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