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Tired and Wired

Over coffee a friend and I were discussing the cold that is going around.  I shared how my cold has been hanging on for weeks and I’ve tried all kinds of over the counter medications but none are helping.  My … Continue reading

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Caregivers: It’s Okay To Say No!

It’s Friday night and just as you’re walking out the door for a much-anticipated evening with friends, the phone rings. It’s your elderly mother calling for the third time that day, asking if you would pick up some items from … Continue reading

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Boundary Tip #2 – Ask for help!

This requires that when we do accept invitations to programs, parties or events, we actually ask other people to help us out with things like picking up mom, dad, Aunt Sally, any older adult in the family who may need a … Continue reading

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Boundary Tip #1 – Just Say No

This is the toughest one yet the best place to start.  The good news is the tips should get easier from here. Many who find themselves saying “yes” before even being asked can feel an overwhelming sense of guilt when having to say no.  … Continue reading

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For the last week I’ve been riding my bike a mile each day morning before getting ready for my day. My house is located on a circle which makes it easy for me to calculate a mile as it is … Continue reading

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Boomers and Boundaries

Today more Baby Boomers experience the phenomenon known as the Sandwich Generation (struggling to meet the needs of both their growing children and aging parents), the need to understand aging dynamics and family relationships increases dramatically. It’s not easy to … Continue reading

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A Crack in the Rock

For the Chinese 2008 was the Year of the Rat, for me that year can best be described as “The Year of the Crisis”. Some highlights include my step daughters canceled wedding 2 weeks before the event, my best friends … Continue reading

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Boundaries Make for Better Holidays

A certain sense of urgency is present as the holiday season arrives.  Connecting with family and friends, along with work and school commitments can quickly spiral us into a season of chaos.  We don’t start the season intending to over-schedule … Continue reading

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