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Guest Post – Bathroom Renovation Tips for Family Caregivers

If you have an elderly family member living with you, or are thinking about moving them in, you may want to consider renovating certain facilities and structure in your bathroom to make it more convenient. Not only is this comfortable … Continue reading

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There is no “Age Limit” on Family Caregiving

Although caregiving is often viewed as something that occurs as we get into our middle ages (50-65), according to the National Alliance for Caregiving, the distribution of caregiving age is different from what one might expect.  The overall average age … Continue reading

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What if…?

“I wish I had met you a few months ago.”  I hear some variation of this phrase weekly from people I meet through both networking and personal events.  The comment comes from people who have experienced family caregiver in some … Continue reading

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The Waiting Game

During the last few years I’ve spent in more than my fair share of time in hospital waiting rooms (today will again be one of those days).   As a result I’ve become somewhat of an expert in the waiting experience.   Instead of hording this new-found knowledge … Continue reading

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For the last week I’ve been riding my bike a mile each day morning before getting ready for my day. My house is located on a circle which makes it easy for me to calculate a mile as it is … Continue reading

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You don’t like getting old? What’s your alternative

We all say we don’t like getting old and I get that. But what’s the alternative? Uh….that would be “dead.” We go through life hoping all is going to stay the same in our perfect little world but reality is, … Continue reading

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