Stand and fight: Or run for the hills?

We all have situations and circumstances that completely throw us out of whack! Sometimes they come in small doses, sometimes they are grandiose.

Sometimes I want to throw up my hands and say, “I’m outta here! It’s more than I can bear!” Other times, I face them head on.

All of us have had one of those days where we wish we could just move to another country, ALONE! No one to aggravate us, no one to have to care for, no one who needs us around to do this or that…..totally alone. Maybe a desert island, perhaps?  Although it sounds great, it is not always the best or most viable option.

So we have to change perspective.  The good news is we have choices. 

  • We can face the challenges that come my way and see them as opportunities for growth (though they often do not feel that way while  confronted with them).
  • Or, run for the hills.

Most of us, whether we like it or not, because of who we are and because we love the people around us (often in spite of their actions and reactions), will choose to accept that there will be challenges both big and small that show up in life and we will do our best to face them and find solutions for them.

Today, choose to fight the good fight and see the challenges of this day as blessings that will make you stronger and better prepared for the larger challenges you encounter down the road of life.

About Sue Salach

Sue has a Master's degree in Gerontology and has worked with the elderly and their families for over 30 years and is the Author of "Along Comes Grandpa", a caregiving resource guide, and the novel "If I Walked in Her Shoes". As an ElderCare Expert and Keynote Speaker, Sue employs her comprehensive experience and passion, to educate and promote self-care values to family caregivers and the community at large.
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4 Responses to Stand and fight: Or run for the hills?

  1. The holidays have a way of doing this to us! Hope you find some peace and come back ready to live and love another day. You would be missed if you went to far away. 🙂


  2. I completely relate to how you feel. There is a great verse that really seems to fit. Although I am not what I would consider a super religious person, I’m defenitely spiritual and when I am feeling like a deserted island could completely rock! Or I flee to the bathroom, lock the door and hope no-one finds me so I can get some peace – this verse really does bring me back to center.
    “We are never in the valley too long and never on top of the mountain too long and it rains on the just and the unjust. Just walk in faith and you will be fine.”


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