Isn’t it time you Give Forward?

Today I want to share with you, in my opinion, one of the best seemingly kept secrets – “Give Forward.” I stumbled across their site not too long ago but didn’t really get the gist of it until speaking with one of their representatives last week. It’s totally cool – especially for those caring for a loved one and trying to keep up with all the expenses.

For instance, say there are 8 adult children, spread all over creation, who are trying to care for their parent/parents and one of the siblings is trying to juggle all the responsibilities including the financial burden. This sibling can go to “Give Forward” and set up a fundraising site to help with the financial part and the other siblings and other family members simply add money to that kitty – so to speak.

Give Forward empowers friends and family to send love and financial support to patients as they navigate a medical crisis in helping reduce the burden of out-of-pocket medical expenses.

How it works:

I think I would have invented something like this – had I thought about it (wink). It’s ingenious and great for all kinds of situations – especially when taking on the boatload of caring responsibilities.

I couldn’t wait to share about it and have added the link on my sidebar for you to come back to in the future – should you decide you needed or for you to share.

About Sue Salach

Sue has worked in the geriatric healthcare field for over 20 years and is the Author of "Along Comes Grandpa", a caregiving resource guide, and the novel "If I Walked in Her Shoes" ( As a Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer, Sue employs her comprehensive experience and enthusiasm to assist corporations in finding solutions to work/life balance challenges and pro-actively educate and empower their employees.
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2 Responses to Isn’t it time you Give Forward?

  1. Rochelle R says:

    I just came across your blog- and read your story and a few posts. You are a really inspiring person, Keep doing what you do.🙂 I look forward to more posts I have bookmarked your site. Have a great day. Rochelle.


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