Talk amongst yourselves

Hey all! I’m in the city this week covering the Society of Human Resource Management Strategy Conference so I’m taking a break from Wed – Friday of this week. If you would like to read live blogs and video interviews from the conference, hop on over to HR Virtual Cafe where I’ll be blogging from the conference hall.

Hope you are all doing amazing and I’ll catch up with you next Monday – October 10th.


About Sue Salach

Sue has a Master's degree in Gerontology and has worked with the elderly and their families for over 30 years and is the Author of "Along Comes Grandpa", a caregiving resource guide, and the novel "If I Walked in Her Shoes". As an ElderCare Expert and Keynote Speaker, Sue employs her comprehensive experience and passion, to educate and promote self-care values to family caregivers and the community at large.
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