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What I Really Want for Christmas

As it is every year, my Mom will call and ask what I want for Christmas.  She is an amazing and generous person and having her for a Mom has spoiled me since childhood.  Each year I would share certain … Continue reading

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On the Edge: Part 1 Standing on the Sidelines

One of my favorite movies is “It’s a Wonderful Life”.   I love the scene where George Bailey (played by Jimmy Stewart) & Mary Hatch – later Bailey (played by Donna Reed) are at the high school dance caught up in … Continue reading

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Coping with Loss during the Holidays

The Hallmark movies always conclude with some type of Christmas miracle and joy for the characters in the story, however; in real life many people are experiencing unimaginable grief and loss during this holiday season. The journey of grief seems … Continue reading

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Turkey Talk Wednesday

Author and National Speaker Sue Salach share her thoughts on enjoying time with family this Thanksgiving

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Boundary Tip #6 – Take Care of Yourself First

This holiday season try to find ways to take care of yourself FIRST.  By doing this you not only enjoy the season but you also teach others around you how to have a more meaning in their season.  By modeling boundaries … Continue reading

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Boundary Tip #5 – Be Creative and Meaningful

If you were to take a random poll of the people you know and ask them about their favorite holiday memory, the majority of them would be connected with meaningful moments spent with loved ones more than they would be about … Continue reading

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Boundary Tip #4 – Buy Online

Each of us has that friend, co-worker or maybe our own inner shopper who is at the department store at 5:00am waiting for the doors to open the day after Thanksgiving.  The rest of us like either have to work or … Continue reading

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Boundary Tip #3 – Order Out!

Many of us have visions of the perfect holiday.  In this imaginary scenario we are dressed in our holiday best and have cooked from scratch the most incredible array of holiday favorites that are all ready at the exact same time … Continue reading

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Boundary Tip #2 – Ask for help!

This requires that when we do accept invitations to programs, parties or events, we actually ask other people to help us out with things like picking up mom, dad, Aunt Sally, any older adult in the family who may need a … Continue reading

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Boundary Tip #1 – Just Say No

This is the toughest one yet the best place to start.  The good news is the tips should get easier from here. Many who find themselves saying “yes” before even being asked can feel an overwhelming sense of guilt when having to say no.  … Continue reading

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Boundaries Make for Better Holidays

A certain sense of urgency comes over me as the holidays arrive. Holiday celebrations creates issues of: who to invite; what to serve; how to decorate…the list can go on and on.  Also, this is the time of year that the … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Christmas Ideas for Caregivers

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for your favorite caregiver? Don’t worry just yet. You don’t actually need to buy anything grand or spend a huge amount of money to show how much you care. Sometimes, simple acts of kindness … Continue reading

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Helpful Tips for Medication Management

The Thanksgiving episode of the CBS drama Blue Bloods, involved the grandfather having a heart attack the day before Thanksgiving.  Though he lives with his widowed son, the New York Police Chief played by Tom Selek, when the family arrives … Continue reading

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Look out for the Holiday Crazies!

Hey Folks! Hope you’re having a fabulous Labor Day holiday with friends and family or whatever you have chosen to do. If you’re not sure about the reason for this holiday, other than a day off of work, kids out … Continue reading

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