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Drive By Advice

At an event for business owners, a friend of mine used the term “drive by advice” in describing how, when starting a business it seems like everyone (even those who have never owned a business) want to give us advice … Continue reading

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Stop Shoulding On Your Family

In the internet age we have immediate access to information that can help increase our brain function, manage health issues and decrease risk for increasing health problems.  Sharing this information with those we love can be helpful in making a … Continue reading

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There’s Got to Be a Morning After

While on vacation I joked about randomly breaking into the song “The Morning After” from the 1972 action-adventure disaster film Poseidon Adventure (ok not so funny while on a cruise ship).  However; it did get me thinking about caregiving (may … Continue reading

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Caregivers: It’s Okay To Say No!

It’s Friday night and just as you’re walking out the door for a much-anticipated evening with friends, the phone rings. It’s your elderly mother calling for the third time that day, asking if you would pick up some items from … Continue reading

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Playing an Old Game in a New Way (In loving Memory of Ed Cutler)

I wrote this several years ago and thought it fitting to repost it in loving memory of my father-in-law Ed Cutler who passed away January 5th. Continue reading

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The Waiting Game

During the last few years I’ve spent in more than my fair share of time in hospital waiting rooms (today will again be one of those days).   As a result I’ve become somewhat of an expert in the waiting experience.   Instead of hording this new-found knowledge … Continue reading

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Coping with Loss during the Holidays

The Hallmark movies always conclude with some type of Christmas miracle and joy for the characters in the story, however; in real life many people are experiencing unimaginable grief and loss during this holiday season. The journey of grief seems … Continue reading

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